There's a great story inside of you. 
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Our Guides come from a background of proven work with emerging adults- coaches, teachers, and youth workers. They've mentored, coached, and led people for years. Our Guides are handpicked because they have tremendous credibility in working in social & emotional environments. They know how to work in different contexts through an interactive program, and most importantly, they're great humans. They're already on their own journey of self-discovery, they own their unique story, and now focus their lives to guide others. We screen them, train them, coach them, and learn from them. They're our strongest and most valuable asset.

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As a cross-functional team we've worked across all industries and in companies of all shapes and sizes. Within this work we started to see a trend of people in jobs they weren't passionate about, using skills that weren't their strongest. People simply didn't know what they were doing, or why they were doing it. The general dissatisfaction and unrest that happened as a result was staggering. We knew there was a clear problem that needed to be solved, and the answer led us all the way back to helping students, veterans, and athletes prepare for life long before they wound up there. 


Scott Schimmel / President & Chief Guide

Scott is a master at helping people grow. As President & Chief Guide of YouSchool he is responsible for leading the charge, ensuring that everything we do delivers on our mission and vision. After spending over ten years in a non-profit helping college students become world changers, Scott is deeply aware of the challenges students face when stepping into the professional world. This is why he’s invested his time guiding young people. Outside of YouSchool, Scott is an avid reader, speaker, writer, and golf fiend—and his latest challenge is learning how to coach Little League baseball. His wife and three children keep him anchored. Connect with him on LinkedIn or email.


Shawn Parr / Chief Innovation Officer

Shawn gets up every day to help others realize their full potential. He’s focused on ensuring that YouSchool inspires and drives meaningful change in students’ lives through physical and digital experiences. As the Guvner of Bulldog Drummond, he’s spent the past twenty years helping Fortune 100’s, non-profits and passionate startups unlock the power of their brands. He’s been a guide helping executive teams and leaders navigate solutions to major challenges, create new products, and think about what's next. He is a guest lecturer at SDSU’s School of Business, a writer for Fast Company and speaker about brand, culture and innovation. Shawn has worked with high school students over the past seven years. He surfs daily with humility, is blessed with a wife of twenty years and three children who will all benefit from the YouSchool. Connect with him on LinkedIn or email.


Gregg Imamoto / Chief Operations Officer  

Gregg is a values-based leader who specializes in guiding people and companies to develop compelling visions and strategies that can be operationally executed. He makes the train run on time for YouSchool and stays focused on delivering our mission. He has spent the last twenty years in C-Suite, startup, and entrepreneurial positions—leading distressed companies through challenging turnarounds that delivered world-class results. As the Chief Architect of The Bridge, a performance management system that guides leaders and their teams through the use of clear expectations and well-defined leadership principles, Gregg has a demonstrated passion for developing people. Gregg spent over ten years working with high school students as a youth group leader and camp director, experiencing firsthand both the void and confusion our youth face today. His wife and twins keep him schooled on life. Connect with him on LinkedIn or email

Drake Fages / Director and Lead Guide for Athletics

Drake Fages is an innovative mentor who has a real gift for professional coaching and motivation. Through his own experience as an All-American and Gold Glove 3rd baseman, experience of devastating injuries, and the struggle to find relevance and meaning outside of sports he has found a unique way to help students, young professionals, and athletes in transition. Today, he dedicates himself to guiding young people by serving as Director and Lead Guide for YouSchool Athletics. Drake received a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in Religion from Biola University. Drake has been described as “Funny, engaging, and extremely understanding in conversation”. Connect with him on LinkedIn or email.

Michael Davidson / Chief Military Advisor

Michael Davidson retired from the United States Navy after 23 years of service. After retiring, he has dedicated himself to helping veterans find their purpose again now that they have hung up the uniform. Michael received a bachelor’s degree Management Information Systems from Hawaii Pacific University and a masters degree in International Diplomacy from Norwich University. He has an affinity to food served on a stick and when not at work you can find him on the beach pondering what lies over the horizon. Michael is passionate about the YouSchool and describes it as the best P-38 Can Opener every vet should have on have their proverbial key chain. To figure out what a P-38 Can Opener is, connect with Michael on LinkedIn or email