'Tis The Season of Gratitude

Written by Scott Schimmel

'Tis the season to express gratitude. In the challenges, setbacks, bumps and bruises we've all faced this year—not to mention the horrible things we've seen on global news—it’s easy to forget the wonderful, the miraculous, the comebacks and the victories. This year, rather than jump into the holiday-inspired race of Starbucks red cups, mass media blitzes, and ugly Christmas sweaters, we want to elevate the conversation about gratitude.

At YouSchool we are be beacons of reflection, ushering into our culture a regular rhythm of taking time to think about our lives—to connect the dots, see the themes, and be honest with ourselves. We want to leverage this month's capstone, Thanksgiving, as an opportunity to encourage others to reflect on what they're most grateful for.

We’re asking our friends—students, educators and parents—to take a moment to chime in. How would you respond to these questions:

1.  What difficult circumstance or setback did you face this year that, now on this side of the situation, you feel grateful for? Why?

2.   Who are you most thankful for this year? Why?

3.    What unexpected opportunities came to you this year that made a big impact?

4.    What have you been taking for granted that it's time to change your perspective on?