Three Consequences of Not Doing What You Love After College

Written By Anthony Moore


Life after college is hardly as glamorous as we might have wished – instead of securing a well-paid, prominent position with your own office and an Audi, your daily activities include watching Breaking Bad and eating Oreo cookies.

You find yourself in a drought of job offers despite your 40 daily applications, your friends seem to have turned into workaholics who are never available anymore, and your bills are determined to keep your checking account below $10.

Many of us have been forced to turn to other job prospects while our passions are put on hold – former presidents of campus business clubs are making vanilla lattes, film majors are making vegetarian pizzas, and econ majors are working Friday night shifts at the movie theater.

It’s important to understand that there are real consequences that result from ditching your dream and becoming a stagnant college grad. Never believe someone who tells you that your dream job doesn’t exist. Here are three consequences that could happen if you stay on the road to nowhere.

1. You could get physically sick

I suppose I only have one piece of solid evidence for this – me.

Just recently, I was watching another episode of Downton Abbey when I realized that I hadnt posted an article to StuffGradsLike in almost two weeks. Sure, Ive felt discouraged that Im a broke unemployed college grad and I struggle with the feeling that no one wants advice from someone like me (and hey, maybe thats actually true).

I find myself feeling anxious. Restless. Antsy. Like somethings missing. Because something is.

Taking the easy route and not practicing—because passion takes practice—can make you slow, lethargic, and bored. It could also make you sick whether you realize it or not.

2. You wont be helping to make the world a better place

You dont need to watch the news or steal a newspaper from Dennys to see that the world is in bad shape a good deal of the time.

However, there are countless organizations managed by awesome people who are helping the world be a better place. Whether that looks like a small coffee company that gives Nicaraguan farmers fair trade deals, or saving women from the sex trafficking industry. The world needs more people like these. Sure, we need businessmen and women, CEOs, investors, and the like – but the world needs you more. Youre the only person for the job. Theres no telling what difference you can make if you have the courage to start the blog, send that email, or write that book.

3. It gets harder and harder to get back on track

Lets say you take a job in retail after college––you have to pay the bills somehow, right? But your dream is to become a counselor, and once you save up enough money for grad school you’re going to give your two-weeks notice. But, six months in you get a promotion and a raise. Hey, thats pretty awesome. And suddenly you’re putting in extra hours at work and the dream of going back to school begins to fade. After a year you get another raise and promotion––you are great at dealing with terrible customers and improving work efficiency. You still want to be a counselor but whats the rush?

Over time it becomes harder and harder to get back on track with what you truly love. Ask yourself—Am I on the right track?  


Anthony Moore is the creator of StuffGradsLike, an online resource for college grads that provides hilarious, yet practical, tips, tricks and guidance for life after college.