Who's Your Guide?

Written by Scott Schimmel

 Luke had Yoda. Frodo had Gandalf. Elastigirl had Edna. Heck, even Simba had Rafiki. Every significant character in history had a guide, someone to help develop their talents and steer them into their full potential. 

In college I met a man named Chris who advised a student leadership organization I joined. At first I didn’t quite know what to do with him – honestly I hadn’t spent much time with adults who weren’t in my family, or teachers, or sports coaches. Chris was interesting, and funny, and people were drawn to him. And for some reason, he was drawn to me. I remember when we first met for coffee, I’d never met anyone for coffee before and didn’t even drink coffee. We met for an hour, and Chris asked me three-dozen questions about my life. I doubt I asked him any about his. I liked it. 

Chris was interested in me. He made me laugh and feel comfortable. He helped me think through a few areas of my life, pulled a few ideas out of my head and articulated things I hadn’t really thought about before. I knew he liked me, and I definitely liked being around him. 

 Over the next few years I drank a lot of coffee with Chris. I learned that he was a great person to go to when I had questions – about my major, about girls, about my parents’ divorce and more. I also learned that he saw things in me that I hadn’t seen in myself.   

Correction: he saw things in me that I always wished someone else would see – things that were deep down, attributes of my character and hints of talent that no one had recognized or called out before. He got me on a real path, the right path for my life. 

So, who’s your guide?

 Whom do you trust? Who’s the person that you can turn to when you have deep, relevant, perplexing questions about your life? Who do you know who really inspires you – who lives focused on making an impact and making a difference – someone you can model your life after?

 When I had to make a decision about what to do with my life after college, I knew I had a lot of options. I could follow the footsteps of my family and go into finance. I could break out on my own and go into real estate. I could follow a dormant dream of mine and become a high school English teacher. I chose to follow Chris. He invited me to work for his company and learn to become who I was supposed to become – an influencer, a speaker, a leader. 

 Chris was the one who saw potential in me. He was the one who challenged me when I was disengaged. He affirmed me in public and told me what I could be great at. Before I met Chris I was on a different path, and in many ways I can honestly say my life is different because he guided me. As I look back now, I can see clearly that what he really did was help me get on the path I was always supposed to be on. 

I’m really glad I said yes to that coffee. 

At YouSchool, we believe a guide is the essential ingredient for everyone to live their best lives, their own true story. That’s why we work with the best guides on the planet – people who love students, have experience working with them, and most importantly, have the character and dimension to develop potential in others. They’ve already achieved their own best lives and want to pour those learnings into others. 

Do you have a guide?


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