Best Year Ever

By Scott Schimmel


For Nic and I, it was best friends at first sight. We met freshman year in high school drama class, sharing the experience of excitement and nervousness at the big world of high school. We shared a lot of common interests like sports and girls. We also shared the same sense of humor – both agreeing it was a great idea to act out a scene from Death of a Salesman as a comedy. And, we’re still best friends today. Even though we went to college a country apart and our lives took different paths, we’ve gotten together every season of our lives to reconnect and create new memories. One summer, between our sophomore and junior years in college, drawing inspiration from a classic Seinfeld episode, “The Summer of George” where George Costanza declares he’s going to spend three months getting fit and active to focus on himself, we declared it to be our “Summer of Man” to do as many rites of passage as possible before school started again.


Nic and I learned to surf, we went camping, we picked up girls and we took a cross-country road trip. Unlike the actual Seinfeld episode, we followed through on our plan –we both became men that summer.


Whether it’s around the new year, or the start of the school year, it’s common for students to become reflective and envision what a great year would look like. And, relevant questions help frame the best plan:


·  What type of student have I been? Why?

·  What type of student do I want to be this year? What do you need to do differently to become that student?

·  What type of friend do I want to be?

·  What types of memories do I want to create? With whom?

·  How do I want to grow?

·  What do I want to figure out?

·  What would a really great year look like?


You have one life, and it’s up to you how you spend it. Our perspective is that the life best lived is authentic – when the real you on the inside match how you act on the outside. Living an authentic life requires thoughtful reflection, effort and help from others. It takes time and focus to discover who we are on the inside, and who we really want to be. It takes courage and willpower to change our behavior. But, these pursuits result in a meaningful life.

As the new school year approaches, I’ve put together a few ideas around how to make this year your best year ever:

1.    Take some time by yourself to reflect on the questions above

2.    Grab a good friend and talk through your thoughts and ideas

3.    Dream about yourself at the end of the year: What you will look like? Act like? And what will you have accomplished?

4.    Make specific plans. Use a calendar to map out a daily, weekly, and monthly    schedule

5.    Sign up for YouSchool and go through our self-discovery coaching process to get clear about the Real You