Don’t Wait for the Meaningful Life. Make it Now.

Written by Scott Schimmel

Many people have been attracted to our YouSchool program because they usually fall into one of two categories: afraid of living a meaningless life, or already feeling overwhelmed by a life that is unfulfilling. Everybody seems to agree that living a life of meaning, impact, passion and purpose is the better way to go. But, as a college student recently said, “No one has ever helped me understand HOW to figure out what a meaningful life looks like.” That’s why we created YouSchool.

We believe that it’s a core human desire, as well as a basic human right, to discover and live a life of purpose and meaning. One of the myths that we’re dispelling is that you will find a meaningful life in the future. Sure, you need to go through a process to decipher the opportunities you uniquely have from the combination of your strengths, weaknesses, personality, passions and dreams. But if you are waiting for some magical epiphany or discovery of your one true talent and purpose, you’re going to be waiting an awfully long time.

If you really think about it, the meaning for your life that you’re hoping to find someday is close to you–it’s actually right in front of your face. Rather than finding a meaningful path, a meaningful career, or a meaningful story someday, it’s a much more relevant pursuit to figure out how to make meaning with your life right now.

Making meaning looks a lot like taking initiative and becoming fully engaged in the present moment. It comes from taking the opportunities you have now and acting upon them. It starts by showing up and putting your strengths to work in the service of others and the greater good. One day it might look like you inviting someone into a more authentic conversation over lunch. Another day it might look like you giving 100% of your effort to your tasks at hand and blowing people away with your diligence. And sometimes it’s going to look like you breaking your routine and pursuing a beautiful experience, or inviting someone else to make a memory with you.

I don’t know the exact meaning you can make with your choices and actions, but I do know you can find it quickly. The meaningful career and the meaningful life actually begins sooner than you think.