3 Reasons You Should Hire an Athlete Today

By Jordan Fliegel Founder and President, CoachUp @jfleeg

If you could only ask one question to a person interviewing for a job at your company, what would it be? Would you ask about their strengths or weaknesses? Their relevant experience? Their biggest success or biggest failure? Where they went to college?

I’d argue that one question you should really ask is, “Which sport did you play?”

All other things being equal, an athlete is the best hire you can make. A candidate with a playing background in sports is equipped with valuable skills that can’t be quantified or listed on a resume. The hours of dedication. The heartache of loss. The commitment required to excel. These lessons, learned the hard way in athletics, are exactly what make the difference between a workplace contributor and a superstar.

Here are three reasons why athletes make the best hires:

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