The Process to Clarify Your Life's Story

By Scott Schimmel

In high school, students are encouraged to choose good colleges to apply to. It’s universally understood that going to a good school will unlock opportunities for you to succeed later on in life. Conventional wisdom says that in college you can “find yourself”- discover who you are, what you’re good at, what you enjoy, and get on track to a meaningful career. If you don’t know who you are in High School, don’t worry- you’ll get to that soon. 

In college, students are encouraged early to get onto a career track by selecting a major. For some schools, students have to pick an education track as they apply to the school, even before they get there. Of course, there are a lot of students who delay that decision, or change their minds at least once, but eventually, you have to either drop out of college or graduate. If you haven’t “found yourself” by the end of college, don’t worry- that’s what you can do when you get a job. 

I remember being a Junior in college headed quickly towards my Senior year and realizing that I wasn’t very confident about the path I was on. I was an Accounting major, but the idea of a long career in Accounting didn’t sound overly thrilling, even if it was stable and secure. Starting my Senior year, I had a moment where I just knew I couldn’t go down that path. With the help of a few good conversations with friends, circumstances, and other opportunities, I realized that I wanted to do something else with my life and even become someone else than the trajectory I was on. 

What do you do when you want to figure out who you are, and quickly?

The problem is, there is no app for that. Well, actually, there is! There are personality and aptitude tests, delivered on an app on your phone, that can quite literally tell you who you are. There are apps for figuring yourself out. If you don’t have the app, there are a few other conventional ways people go about figuring themselves out:

  1. The ‘Tell-Me-Who-I-Am Approach’: give me a test, and show me the results
  2. The ‘Common-Sense Approach’: take a good look at my skills, education, and experience, then extrapolate forward. If you studied Accounting, are good at math, look good with a suit on, then…
  3. The ‘I’ve-Known-Since-I-Was-4 Approach’: the kid who wanted to be a Doctor who is pre-med in college, gets great grades, aces the MCAT, and never looks back
  4. The ‘Get-Lucky Approach’: the Lebron James, I know I’m amazing and a recruiter will call me any day now to tell me what phenomenal opportunity they customized for me approach

The problem with the ‘Tell-Me-Who-I-Am Approach’ is that I know I’m way more complicated than any test can tell me, so the results don’t stick. The ‘Common-Sense Approach’ is what most people do- most bored, disengaged, unexciting people. If you’re still reading this it means you don’t fit into the The ‘I’ve-Known-Since-I-Was-4 Approach’. And, the ‘Get-Lucky Approach’ just might work out, any second now…

What if there was an ACTUAL, PROVEN PROCESS that could help you discover who you are, what makes you tick, and how to live the life you’re meant to live?

A few years ago, we started to pay attention to a huge, universal problem. We found 90% of students were graduating top universities without any clear sense of who they were. 100% of them wanted to live a great life, do something meaningful, live a great story with their lives, and be happy. But only 10% felt confident that they were on the right path. 

So we got to work. First, we looked at the different Approaches (see above). Then, with a few hypotheses, we began testing a common-sense, discovery-based process that could get young people to self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-direction. Quickly. 

Nick Saban, head coach of Alabama’s football team, is famous (read: notorious) for his ‘Process’. Players in his program get indoctrinated into step-by-step thinking- every position matters, every play matters, and every piece of the play matters. Coach Saban says, “Rather than focusing on the outcome, focus on the process.” His genius, and continuous success is knowing that focusing on outcomes gets you trapped in a cycle of stress, pressure, and fear- terrible ingredients for getting consistent high performance. Rather, focusing on the process and evaluating on the process helps you focus, and the results come.

YouSchool is the process for people to cut through the stress, pressure, and fear that is at play in life transition, and get you to clarity.

We built the process, we tested the process, and we refined the process. When people in transition engage in our program, they get to clarity. They say things like:

“Now I know who I am, who I want to be, and what to do with my life.”

If quite literally everyone wants their life to tell a great story, both about the kinds of people they are and the accomplishments they create, then it’s time for a new approach. One that works. 

We have programs for people in any life stage to meet with a Guide who takes them through the process. We also have a Group Program, easily customized to any group and any context, and we can bring the trained Guide or train one of your people. Check out the options on our site, and connect with us today for a free consultation.