Can you see the Great Story inside of you?

By Scott Schimmel

Unless you’ve been pretty damaged by life, I can guarantee that you’re someone who wants to be extraordinary. You want to accomplish meaningful things, and you want to experience amazing moments. You want to spend time with the kinds of people who bring out the best in you, and inspire you to be more and do more. You hope that they’re full of life, and are also in the pursuit of greatness.  You also want to have an internal experience of being someone who’s truly loving, peaceful, generous, and kind.

I’m just like you. 

I can remember a single moment in college where I had what felt like a panic attack. It was early in college, and summer break was rapidly approaching. I had just come from class, and walked back to my dorm building with a few friends. I don’t remember exactly what we were talking about- maybe the professor or maybe plans for the weekend. I just remember when I turned to leave them, go to my dorm room I felt a deep pit inside my stomach. It was kind of like my future life flashed before my eyes:

Were these the people I was going to call my lifelong friends from college?

Was this the trajectory I wanted to be on?

Was this the kind of person I would always be?

Is this what life is going to be like, forever?

I literally freaked out, because my soul cringed at the idea of life continuing down the same path that it was on. I wanted everything to be different, but I couldn’t see how anything could change.

Can you relate?

The problem for most people is that they are deeply dissatisfied with the way life is currently going. 

But, they can’t see what it could look like any differently. Generally speaking, the way life is now, is exactly the way I knew how to design it. If I could do it differently, I would. 

In our work with people over the last few years we’re even more confirmed that ALL people want to live extraordinary lives. In our language, our lives tell stories- as though people are reading or watching them. Everyone wants their life to tell a great story. 

Do you know what your great story could be?

The first step to your life telling a great story is seeing with your imagination what your life could become; who you could become. It’s about getting a vision for where you’re going, who you hope to turn into. In order to get a glimpse of that great story, the most important thing is to become extremely aware of what your current story is, who you are right now, where you come from, and the path that you’re on. 


Unless and until you know what your current story is, you’ll have no chance to see the new great story, and chase after it. 

The YouSchool is obsessively focused on helping people discover their great story. If you’re in a season of transition, now is the best time to pause and figure out what your great story could be. We have a flexible, personal 1-1 Program for people who want a Guide to take them through a process to see their great story. We also have customizable Group programs for groups of any size to go through our proven in a peer setting. 

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