What you see, is (sometimes) what you get

By Scott Schimmel

It doesn’t happen very often, but every now and then I will meet someone who is incredibly, noticeably authentic. They are who they say they are. Their actions match the kind of person they claim to be. 

I have a really good friend who is one of those people. Everything about him is authentic, real, and integrated. He’s magnetic, he’s internally strong, and he’s the kind of person people enjoy being around. The conversations he starts, the music he listens to, the posts he interacts with on social media, even the TV shows he watches are consistent with his character. He has clearly defined values, upholds his principles in all situations, and seems to live lightly. 

People look at your life like a story. You are a character, defined by your interactions, choices, and observable traits. They watch you, and get to know you by what they experience. What kind of character are you? What are you defined by? How do people interact with you?

Most people, when honest, would admit that the outside of their lives are mere personas, curated to give people a favorable impression of who they are.

People craft personas for good reasons: they want to be liked, they want to avoid rejection, they want to be accepted by people they respect and admire. But eventually, everyone tires of the personas they create. It becomes too taxing and stressful to keep the persona alive, but it’s too frightening to let go of the illusion.

What to do?

Everybody needs an opportunity to reflect on who they are and how they come across to others

Giving time to honest self-reflection can be exceptionally helpful. Creating a safe space to get honest feedback from trusted life advisors is critical. You might not even be aware of how you come across to others- we all have blind spots. You might not feel like it’s okay to be the real, authentic you. You need other people to see, affirm, and invite the real you to become more present and in charge. 

One of the foundational building blocks of the YouSchool program is to think through the outer parts of yourself through guided self-reflection prompts and a mirror of trusted life advisors giving you feedback. It’s a process that, when done vulnerably, can yield tremendous peace and wellbeing in your life. 

We have a flexible, personal 1-1 Program for people who want a Guide to take them through a process to integrate their personas, and find true self-awareness and self-confidence. We also have customizable Group programs for groups of any size to go through our program in a peer setting. 

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