“Before starting the program, I was completely confused and overwhelmed about my future. I really didn’t know where I was headed in life, or who I was. The YouSchool gave me the opportunity to stop and reflect and figure out who I am and where I want my life to go. Now I’m confident I’m on the right path.”
— High School Senior
The 1:1 Life Script Program

Designed for people ready to get to crystal clarity for the next season of their lives. 

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The YouSchool is lightning in a bottle for anyone trying to figure out who they are. Their team is engaging, dynamic, and the right people to be doing this work.
— Veteran Organization Leader
“The YouSchool helped my son immensely. His Guide helped him to think about all the important questions for his future, and I saw life come back into his eyes.”
— Parent of a College Student
“YouSchool was incredibly valuable. The classes provoke thoughtful discussions that make students realize their true passion. The conversations force students to get out of their comfort zone and be vulnerable in front of their peers and family with the purpose of better understanding themselves. It was truly a remarkable experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to rediscover who they are.”
— Active Duty Military Special Forces, Former NCAA Athlete