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Your sport ends.
You don’t.

Can you translate your passion and mindset to a new purpose?

Whether you're a rising youth star, top high school recruit, or a 20 year professional icon- being a successful athlete is one of the most fulfilling tales one can ever tell. Athletes know what they believe, they understand mission in front of them, they see who they are turning into, they know who their people are and how their unique contributions make them better. But the problem is that their answers to life's key questions usually start and end within the clock of competition. This leaves athletes under-resourced and disadvantaged for life after sport.

Our culture see many athletes failing to make healthy life decisions in the circumstances they find themselves in. We see athletes retire and battle depression and anxiety based on a lack of a healthy formed identity, irrelevance, and lack of belonging. We have created customized programs for athletes and coaches to reflect on who they are, what they believe in, what kind of person they're becoming, what mission they're going to pursue with their lives after sport, how they can contribute to a meaningful mission beyond athletic ability, and who they belong to outside of their team and coaches.

We help athletes grow in their social and emotional intelligence, helping them to write a script to the great story their life can tell beyond athletic competition.


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We have a free e-book to help you rediscover what drives you

It can turn your life upside down, but it doesn’t have to. Transition can be your biggest opportunity to reimagine your future.

The YouSchool reminded me of who I am- I had forgotten. I’m in a different time, place, and life- I forgot that who I really am still applied.
— U.S. Olympic Swimmer
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Programs for Athletes

We have two interactive courses designed to support elite athletes who are transitioning to life after competition. They’ve been tested and proven to deliver self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-direction- quickly.

We also have a live program designed to help transitioning athletes tell their unique story, either for career purposes or to impact others through speaking engagements.

Greatest hits for athletes from our Resources page:


What if there could be something just as compelling as competition was?