Developmentally, adolescents start asking big questions in life, questions like: Who am I? What makes me unique? Do I have what it takes? Am I likeable? Who can I trust? They bring those questions to school and primarily look to their peer group for answers (which is not the best plan!). Unless adults guide them well into thoughtful reflection, very likely they will make premature but serious choices about their identity, path in life, purpose, and belonging.

Students perform better academically when they feel connected with their teachers. They show up to school more often, stay in school longer, and experience less stress or anxiety.

How can we design interactive conversations between teachers and students to discuss the topics that matter the most, given the constraints of time? How can we equip teachers to share about their personal lives in relevant, appropriate, and productive ways without adding a lot of prep time?

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Meet: Our Emotional Intelligence Program

Because becoming a healthy human doesn’t just happen…

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Some subjects in school are more likely to naturally create opportunities to engage students in thoughtful discussions about meaningful concepts. Some teachers are more likely to engage than others. Regardless, all students need to be guided into reflective conversations about topics that are important for their mental health, and social-emotional development.

That’s why we created this program. We want to equip teachers who have limited capacity to engage students with relevant topics to guide them in interactive self-reflection, peer conversations, and most importantly, an opportunity to share openly from life experience. Additionally, we offer short podcast episodes to give parents an awareness and guidance to have reinforcing conversations at home.

We recommend a series of learn-by-doing professional development workshops for staff throughout the year in order to implement well.




  • EPIC FAIL: I'm not afraid of failure; I embrace it and learn quickly from it

  • HUSTLE: I'm the kind of person who does whatever it takes

  • SQUAD: I know who my people are and we're loyal to each other

  • WHY: I'm the kind of person who knows why I do things, for good reasons

  • GRIT: I am resolved and determined

  • I GOT A FEELING: understanding your emotions and managing your reactions

  • RUNNING ON EMPTY: being in charge of your physical and mental wellbeing

  • READY...FIGHT!:I am willing to engage in healthy conflict and I know how to do it well

  • REPUTATION: recognizing how you come across to others and telling a more authentic story

  • TRUST YOUR GUT: I trust myself

  • I SEE CLEARLY: I want to see the world through other people's stories

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