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Equipping Families 
Reflecting the Good 

Raising teenagers to be thoughtful, kind, patient, and considerate is...a tall task! They can be selfish and self-consumed, unwilling to see other's perspectives- especially at home. Parents can easily slip into only seeing the negative aspects of their kid's behavior, and both ruin the relationship as well as contribute to more conflict. So, what can we do?

We can be on the lookout for the good parts of our kids. We can intentionally and deliberately search for ways they demonstrate kindness, generosity, or any other adult-like attribute. And then, we can point it out and celebrate it.

Kids will grow into the reflection they see, so what if we're intentional about reflecting back the good parts at least or maybe even more than their difficult parts?

In today's Equipping Families video, we talk about how to reflect the good parts of who our kids are and who they're becoming.