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Curious students learn more and achieve more. Curiosity is the foundation for learning that sticks with someone.

Your curiosity reveals clues about your path in life- your curiosity is unique to you. Not everything sparks curiosity in you. My son is really curious about how bikes work. I'm not. My sister is curious about macro-economic policies for the elderly. My best friend is curious about real estate development. I'm curious about instructional design, contemplative practices, the perfect golf swing, and how to bring a dead lawn back to life. Pursuing your curiosity is a strong clue to your unique design and path in life. It's a way to unlock self-awareness.

Curiosity develops into empathy. Being curious in conversation and with your friends will strengthen your relationships. If you're curious, you'lI find an endless series of questions to ask someone and never run out of conversation. You will learn what makes other people tick, and, in turn, they will feel known by you.

Employers want curious workers. The continued emergence of workplace automation means employers no longer need people to act like robots or cogs in a wheel. They need employees who are curious, adaptive problem-solvers.

Curiosity makes us happier. When we pursue our curiosity, our brains produce dopamine- aka the happy hormone. In other words, expressing curiosity will make us feel biologically good.

A key foundational element for building a meaningful life is having an active curiosity.

Here's a quick video and a download for you to review.