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Help Kids Identify Their Strengths

Employers don't want well-rounded employees. They aren't impressed anymore when they interview someone who was really good at school. They want people who are passionate and committed to bringing their talents and unique perspective to solve problems at work. They want learners, listeners, and emotionally intelligent employees- not people who just meet expectations.

We have to learn to come alongside every kid and teach them to identify, own, and develop their natural talents until they become strengths. It requires a different mindset and a different practice. We, adults, have to be taught to look for talents and affirm kids in their natural wiring. We have to be curious and inquisitive about what goes on underneath the surface for each kid. We have to expand our understanding of what strengths are, knowing they can be academic strengths, people strengths, problem-solving strengths, creativity strengths, and more.

We have to find ways to validate the kids whose strengths don't match the performance management system of grading and test scores. We have to truly believe there's a genius in every kid.

What are your strengths?

Here's a quick video and a download for you to review.