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Equipping Families 
for Red Ribbon Week

Kids do dumb things- sorry, it's true. But they do them for good reasons! On one hand, their brains haven't fully formed yet. They also really want peer acceptance. And, the chemical high they get when they do something risky feels especially good to them. For those reasons, they're especially vulnerable to making poor choices with substance use- which can ruin their lives. 

Learn more about how to support your kid doing appropriate thrillseeking in this video and downloadable worksheet.

Announcing our new content partnership with Natural High

Natural High is a drug prevention nonprofit that inspires and empowers youth to find their natural high and develop the skills and courage to live life well. Their award-winning, research-based curriculum consists of high-quality films of public figures like Bethany Hamilton, Tony Hawk, Kelly Slater, and Rob Machado sharing their stories of finding healthy alternatives to substance use. They also make everything free to teachers and parents, with the goal for every student in school and at home to have thoughtful discussions about substance use. Learn more about them, and access their Red Ribbon Week 2020 content playlist this week.