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Your mission isn’t over- you’re just getting started on a new one

But how confident are you that they’re headed in the right direction?

People serving in the military have five basic human questions answered for them:

•What do I believe in?
•Who am I supposed to become?
•What's my mission?
•What am I supposed to contribute?
•Who do I belong to?

Upon separating from service, many veterans struggle through transition to answer those questions for themselves, in their own voice. Our customized programs for veterans helps them discover clarity about who they're becoming and step into their true potential for the next mission of their life.

We know transition can be overwhelmingly stressful. Our customized programs for military will help you get clear and confident about your next mission.

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We have a free e-book about transitioning better

It can turn your life upside down, but it doesn’t have to. Transition can be your biggest opportunity to reimagine your future.

Because of going through the YouSchool (LifeScript course) I figured out who I am, who I want to be, and how I don’t just want a paycheck- I want to live a life that counts.
— Recently transitioned Navy SEAL
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Military Programs

We have two interactive courses designed to support veterans in transition to get clear and confident about their identity, purpose, and belonging so they can live a fulfilling life post military.

Greatest hits for veterans from our Resources page:

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What if the great story of your life wasn’t history?