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Psychological Safety Virtual Workshop

Thursday, October 27th at 7 pm. 

Originally coined and popularized by Professor and Researcher Amy Edmondson from Harvard, psychological safety has three ingredients:

  • It’s okay to be myself
  • It’s okay to make mistakes
  • People here have my back

When kids feel those ingredients, they’ll show up more genuinely and authentically and make choices consistent with their and the family's values.

In other words, they’ll feel safe, accepted, and free to be themselves. If a kid can experience psychological safety like that, especially with their peers and teachers, they’ll be able to engage more with creativity and courage.

Everybody wins with psychological safety. It makes it easier to go to school, take risks and be more innovative.

Now, the questions are: how do you create psychological safety? What can you do to change your vibe if you don’t have it already? Is it just an abstract concept, or can you take tangible steps to grow in it?

We’ll tackle those questions and give you a roadmap to increase it

[ We will share actionable tools you can immediately use to increase psychological safety for your family or classroom. ]