Parenting Digital Courses - Raising Well

Parenting Digital Courses - Raising Well

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We all want to raise our kids to flourish and thrive, but how? Having a teenager in the house is overwhelming. We created a series of 9 digital, interactive parenting courses to guide you to the right mindset you need to develop kids into thriving, resilient adults.

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We know your kids are the most important part of your life. We can help. 

Parents want to raise their kids well. They want to do right by them, and create an environment where they can thrive and go out into the world with confidence and all they need to handle the complexities of life. Most parents, though, wonder and worry about how best to treat their kids, especially teenagers. They struggle to know how to best care, support, encourage, and develop their kids. It’s so complex; every kid is different. Then you add the demands of school, the pressures of college acceptance, social media, career aspirations, financial responsibility, driving, heartbreak, and the influences of friends. Can you say challenging?

INTRODUCING: RAISING WELL Digital Curriculum Series

What parents model and demonstrate for their children sets the foundation for who they become. We believe so strongly that healthy families build healthy emerging adults. We also know that parents are incredibly under-resourced to face the challenges that parenting in today’s world brings. That’s why we’ve designed a curriculum series, to guide parents into the right conversations every family needs to have in order to raise healthy, thriving adults.

We believe that parents need the right information. But, more importantly, they need to be guided to the right reflection. Our parenting curriculum series consists of nine distinct workshops with building blocks of healthy families and strong parenting. It has been shaped by decades of work with students and families, as well as parenting experts- not to mention our own parenting experiences and perspective.

We have these courses available through our custom, intuitive and interactive digital platform. A family can purchase one or all of the courses. Ideally, though, an entire school or district is investing in the best parenting curriculum so that all stakeholders are aligned in the same direction. We know how hard it is to get a large attendance at any school event, so we make our curriculum series available live or in digital format so parents can access the content any time at their convenience.