Reframing the Way We Parent Through Stressful Times

Hosted by Scott Schimmel, the President of the YouSchool, interviewing therapist, coach, and trauma-specialist, Charlie Ruce.
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Learn How To...

engage your kid in escalated, anxious, or explosive moments

Learn How To...

broaden your parenting strategies to better support your kid

Learn How To...

see how stress impacts every part of your kid's life and how to empower them with better tools

Parenting in Stressful Times is No Joke

Remember when we thought the majority of the stress and strain of the pandemic was behind us?

Unfortunately, that's not where we're at...yet.

Add to that the compound effect of month after month of stress and threat and we know our kids need something that as parents we aren't equipped with...yet. 

As Charlie says in the webinar, "In the past couple years, what we have seen is the amount of intensity and complexity in our world and our country go sky high. And when the amount of complexity and intensity goes sky high, our nervous systems feel that in the form of more fight energy (like anger, frustration, irritation), more flight energy (fear, worry, insecurity, anxiety), or more freezy energy (like overwhelm or collapse). "I don't want to do anything", they might say. They feel lethargic and have low energy. When we're talking about our kids, what we would expect is that their nervous systems are now having to process and deal with a massive increase in complexity and intensity."

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