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A Social Reintegration Podcast Series

with Alani Staples

About Alani
Currently serving as Director of Student Support at Lakeway Christian Schools in East Tennessee, Alani Staples has worked in youth services for 17 years. During this time, she has served in several capacities, including Outreach Program Director, Clinical Supervisor, and School Counseling Director. With an undergraduate degree from University of Richmond and Master of Education in School Counseling from Liberty University, Alani is passionate about empowering students and supporting families. Alani’s professional experience has allowed her to celebrate the joy of witnessing youth discover their full potential, specifically as it relates to academic success, overcoming hardships, developing healthy relational skills, and achieving their post-secondary goals. A native of Roanoke, VA, Alani and her husband Curtis, enjoy mentoring youth by supporting them to passionately pursue their interests and becoming impactful leaders with meaningful lives. Her love for giving back to the community has afforded her the opportunity to work with multiple school districts and faith-based organizations as a youth advocate, spokesperson, and founder of youth performing art programs throughout southwest Virginia.

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For more than the past year, we've told kids that being close to each other is dangerous- literally.
Now, it's time to start reintegrating back to school, sports, and other activities, but it's not as smooth or as seamless as you might think.
There's a lot going on.
On top of that, kids today are growing up in a world of ubiquitous cellphone usage and screens- face to face socialization has been on a decline for years.

There's a lot for concern.

The primary way teenagers grow is through healthy peer relationships. They learn about themselves and how the world works and what's most important in life as they journey together, shoulder to shoulder, face to face.

But when a lot of kids are carrying heightened anxiety about being together, and fewer kids in general have adept social skills, it's time to rethink how we support kids in building relationships.

So welcome to our limited podcast series on Social Reintegration, where we interview educators and practitioners to discover best practices and common sense tools for anyone who has a kid in their life.

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