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A Social Reintegration Podcast Series

with Travis Sevilla

Travis Sevilla is an artist and educator working for Canyon Crest Academy. Travis began teaching in San Diego at High Tech High North County as a multimedia/STEAM teacher. He moved to San Diego with his wife and two sons from Los Angeles for the opportunity to enjoy all that San Diego has to offer in the outdoors and to have an opportunity to work in a project-based learning environment with HTHNC. He has now made the move to Canyon Crest Academy in an effort to integrate some of the project-based and real-world learning into the dynamic environment CCA has to offer. In addition to CCA, Travis works with new teachers through San Diego State University and Guest Lectures at Universities on occasion. An avid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast, surfer, rock climber, and cyclist, Travis has a passion for learning from all of his endeavors. He is a dedicated teacher who works to bring real-world projects to his students that incorporate the arts and design thinking. He believes strongly in bringing out students' power of creative and critical thinking as solutions to complex real-world problems.

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For more than the past year, we've told kids that being close to each other is dangerous- literally.
Now, it's time to start reintegrating back to school, sports, and other activities, but it's not as smooth or as seamless as you might think.
There's a lot going on.
On top of that, kids today are growing up in a world of ubiquitous cellphone usage and screens- face to face socialization has been on a decline for years.

There's a lot for concern.

The primary way teenagers grow is through healthy peer relationships. They learn about themselves and how the world works and what's most important in life as they journey together, shoulder to shoulder, face to face.

But when a lot of kids are carrying heightened anxiety about being together, and fewer kids in general have adept social skills, it's time to rethink how we support kids in building relationships.

So welcome to our limited podcast series on Social Reintegration, where we interview educators and practitioners to discover best practices and common sense tools for anyone who has a kid in their life.

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