It's never too early to find clarity for your life story. 

A spring workshop series for 10th graders. 

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The Challenge For Kids Today

  • Kids can do everything they’re supposed to—excel and over-achieve, but still miss out on the essential and practical building blocks they need to build a life that matters: a life of significance, meaning, and happiness.
  • Kids don’t yet know who they are, how the world works, what matters most in life, or how to design a roadmap to success (and school isn't designed to help them this way).
  • Kids have limited awareness and exposure to their future opportunities.
  • Kids are under tremendous pressure and stress from multiple angles—not the best environment for clear, conscious decision-making.
  • Hyper-competitive college admissions and exorbitant costs for a degree make the stakes feel even higher.

They might figure it all out eventually…but why leave it to chance if they could get more clarity—earlier?

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The Opportunity

A spring 2023 workshop series for 10th Graders in north county inland San Diego: the perfect time to grow in self-awareness, gain self-confidence and clarity for the future.

Through attending 6 interactive workshops, your student will be guided by experienced facilitators to reflect on their life stories: where they’ve been, who they are, where they’re headed, who they’re becoming, and how to make a difference in the world.

The workshops will include:

Guided Reflection

At each workshop, they’ll be prompted by our expert facilitators to dig into self-reflection exercises through journal writing and peer discussion, using our proven curriculum. Additionally, students will share their thoughts with each other, learning from one another and gaining clarity and confidence as they share. Imagine kids having the most important conversations with each other at the most important time of their lives.

Guest Speakers

At each workshop, we’ll also host an interactive discussion with a local leader—friends in the community who lead unique, dynamic, and interesting paths in life. We want kids to see multiple examples of what it can look like to live meaningful lives, be exposed to multiple career options, and grow a social network as a critical asset for their future.


At the final session, each student will put everything together in one cohesive, compelling narrative about their life and share their life story. They’ll have a few minutes to share in front of their peers and invited guests (parents and mentors), emphasizing the life they hope to create.


Every student will receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the academy, for use on resumes and college applications. 


The Details

Where: at the LifeBridge Church youth room in Rancho Bernardo, CA.

When: Sundays from 7-8:30 pm
March 19th -- April 2nd -- April 16th -- April 30th -- May 7th -- May 21st

What's at stake?

Most students will be fine, quite frankly. Despite the extraordinary rise of mental health problems in recent months and years, most students will find a way to cope, do well in school, adjust to the demands of college, and ultimately find a job and a family. But is just getting through life the goal?

At the same time, most adults today wish they had more clarity on their unique identity, felt more passion and conviction, and were more aligned with their purpose and priorities.

We don’t want any kid to follow a path that’s not right for them. We want them to confidently and courageously build meaningful lives, be clear about their identity and purpose, and be able to interact with others in the most functional and fulfilling way possible.

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The Results and Benefits

We’ve guided over 15,000 students through this curriculum over the past decade, not to mention over 1,600 transitioning veterans from the special forces, Olympic and Paralympic Athletes, and corporate executives.

We aim to help each kid discover and articulate their own answers to life’s most important questions, yielding more clarity and confidence to make the best decisions at the right time. Grounded in the most relevant research in the science of hope, narrative identity formation, developmental assets framework, and Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy—this content changes kid's lives.

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The Content  

Session 1 Looking Backward: the influences from your past, how your backstory has shaped who you are and who you’re becoming. 

Session 2 Looking Inward: your unique attributes, including your strengths, talents, and triumphs, as well as your challenges: weaknesses, fears, and failures. 

Session 3 Looking Inward: the foundations of your life, including your personal values, core beliefs, and guiding principles. 

Session 4 Looking Outward: your unique perspective of the problems in the world, your passion for serving and making an impact, and how you approach solving problems. 

Session 5 Looking Forward: the dreams you have for your future, including career and financial goals as well as personal attributes, family design, and aspirations. 

Session 6 Story Time: Putting it All Together—Parents and Mentors are invited.