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Equip parents to raise emotionally intelligent kids who are confident and ready for adulthood.


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Is there anything more important than who your kids become?

There's no handbook for this thing called raising humans. That's where we come in. We'll give you and your kids what you need so they grow up ready to be emotionally intelligent and build meaningful lives. 


The question is: What can good parents do to ensure they give their kids what they need—especially when they pull away as teenagers?


On-Demand Digital Parenting Courses

Step-by-step virtual training so you give your kids what they need to become emotionally intelligent adults. 

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We send you relevant weekly discussion guides on critical topics every parent and kid must discuss. Use them in the car or at the dinner table.

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We'll invite you to monthly live webinars, plus weekly podcast episodes relevant to your family as you raise your kids.

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It's too easy to miss the critical conversations.

Kids always get asked what they want to do when they grow up. High schoolers get asked what their plans are after graduation. College students get asked the same thing, with a big emphasis on work.

But we often forget to ask the most important question that will fundamentally prepare a kid for success: What kind of person do you want to become?

Having intentional, guided discussions with your kids is critical—but not easy.

That's why we offer our resources. 

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Upcoming Live Workshops 

Each month, we offer live training workshops on the most relevant topics for building relevant emotional intelligence in your kids. Our style is learn-by-doing rather than lecture, so everything we present is field-tested and ready to put to use today. 

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"You've really made me re-think my approach to parenting- I wish this was around when they were back in preschool!"

- Father of three teenage boys 

"I always wanted to make sure we were having the right conversations at the right time with our kids. Your content is perfectly designed for us—we couldn't thank you enough!"

- Mom of three kids 

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Cultivating Uncommon Emotional Intelligence: How to intentionally design environments and experiences for kids to thrive into adulthood.