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Equipping parents to raise healthy adults who are prepared to build meaningful lives.


Is there anything more important than who your kids become?

There's no handbook for this thing called raising humans. That's where we come in. We'll give you and your kids what you need so they grow up ready to build meaningful lives. 


Digital Parenting Courses

We can do them live at your kids' school, too- but always accessible for you anytime, anywhere. 

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Digital Courses for your Kid

We have  digital, interactive and engaging courses designed for your kid to become more self-aware. 

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We offer ongoing video content and free resources relevant to your family as you raise your kids.

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Three Ways to Partner Together

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Not only can you go through our student courses for yourself, we also have a parenting course called Raising Well which will guide you through the conversations you need to have with your kids.

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2. Signup your kid 

Take a look at the courses we have uniqueIy designed for students. We will guide them through video and reflection exercises to become more self-aware and confident. This is our primary expertise.

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3. Content

When you download the free parent e-book, we'll also send you weekly articles, interviews, podcasts and videos relevant for parents who want their kids to be prepared to build meaningful lives. 

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"You've really made me re-think my approach to parenting- I wish this was around when they were back in preschool!"

- Father of three teenage boys 

We have a free e-book for you 

Raising Well: An uncommon sense guide to raising healthy adults prepared to build meaningful lives.