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Scott Schimmel

Co-Founder, President and Chief Guide
Scott covers every area of the organization, ensuring we deliver on our mission and vision. With a professional background in higher education, nonprofits, and leadership development, he designs curriculum, speaks frequently, writes, coaches, and consults with school leaders to create cultures where every kid thrives. He’s the host of The YouSchool’s podcast and serves as the Chief Guide- training and equipping others to deliver the curriculum with integrity.
Connect with him by emailing [email protected]

Brett Killeen

Principal of Canyon Crest Academy, San Dieguito Unified

“What I really appreciate about the YouSchool is they got to know us--our strengths, our values, our needs, our goals--and then worked alongside us to customize programming and do what's right for our young people and community, now and in the future. We realized we couldn't do this important work alone, and Scott and the YouSchool has been a great partner in helping us to actualize our goals.”

Dr. Bryan Brockett

Principal of Carlsbad High School, Carlsbad Unified

“The YouSchool has worked to support us on multiple fronts - facilitating meaningful stakeholder discussion about school culture, student curriculum, and as a sounding board/coach for our ongoing work of tending to our school culture. Every step of the way Scott and his team have been great partners who have provided effective strategies to support our unique needs.”

Founding Team

Back in 2012, we started to wonder why we knew so many lost, unfulfilled people in the world- especially folks who had checked all the right boxes: education, career, and family. Compelled to adhere to human-centered design principles to ensure our curriculum and learning experiences were created for students, by students, we put our heads together around a universal problem: What is a meaningful life? How do you build one? When would be the best time to start? Our exploration sparked an idea:
What if there was a place to go to get clear about your identity, your purpose, and authentic relationships? 

Shawn Parr, Bulldog Drummond

Shawn Parr

Chief Innovation Officer
CEO, Bulldog Drummond

Shawn gets up every day to help others realize their full potential. He’s focused on ensuring that YouSchool inspires and drives meaningful change in students’ lives through physical and digital experiences. As the Guvner of Bulldog Drummond, he’s spent the past twenty years helping Fortune 100’s, non-profits and passionate startups unlock the power of their brands. He’s been a guide helping executive teams and leaders navigate solutions to major challenges, create new products, and think about what's next. He is a guest lecturer at SDSU’s School of Business, a writer for Fast Company and speaker about brand, culture and innovation. Shawn has worked with high school students over the past seven years. He surfs daily with humility, is blessed with a wife of twenty five years and three children who will all benefit from the YouSchool.

Contact Shawn

Gregg Imamoto, Pieology

Gregg Imamoto

Chief Operations Officer
CEO, Pieology

Gregg is a values-based leader who specializes in guiding people and companies to develop compelling visions and strategies that can be operationally executed. He makes the train run on time for the YouSchool and stays focused on delivering our mission. He has spent the last twenty years in C-Suite, startup, and entrepreneurial positions—leading distressed companies through challenging turnarounds that delivered world-class results. As the Chief Architect of The Bridge, a performance management system that guides leaders and their teams through the use of clear expectations and well-defined leadership principles, Gregg has a demonstrated passion for developing people. Gregg spent over ten years working with high school students as a youth group leader and camp director, experiencing firsthand both the void and confusion our youth face today. His wife and twins keep him schooled on life.

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School Impact and Professional Development Team

We have some incredibly sharp minds who shape what we do and how we do it. They represent us across districts, schools, and non-profits, and are frequently called upon to speak, train, coach leaders, or guide students individually. 

Brad Lichtman

Cultural Architect for Flourishing Schools
Learn More About Brad

Dr. Laura Spencer

Design thinker, Advisor and Ambassador
Learn More About Laura

Marisa Thompson

Trainer, Instructional Coach & Curriculum Designer
Learn More About Marisa

Donte Allen

Speaker and Trainer
Learn More About Donte

Kathy Pham

Guide, Speaker, and Trainer
Learn More About Kathy

Brad Scandrett

Guide and Speaker
Learn More About Brad

Tracey Gee

Strengths-Coach, Trainer for Parents, Educators, and Students
Learn More About Tracey

Matt Bishop

LMFT, Trainer for Parents and Educators
Learn More About Matt

Michael "Top" Washington

Speaker, and Trainer for Trauma-Informed Care
Learn More About Top

Drake Fages

Guide, Speaker, and Trainer for Coaches and Athletes
Learn More About Drake

Kevin Kirk

Former Navy SEAL, Speaker and Curriculum Designer
Learn More About Kevin

Tracy Yates

Teacher, Trainer, Wellness Coach
Learn More About Tracy

Advisory Team

As the saying goes, "You are who you spend time with". Fortunately, we know some extremely smart people! These folks have shaped (and continue to shape) everything we do- from impact analysis to technology to trauma-informed practices to college admissions.  

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