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The YouSchool Podcast

The YouSchool Podcast

Hosted by: Scott Schimmel

Go to our YouTube channel to watch the episodes (just search The YouSchool) My nightmare at 20 years old was that I would wake up at 40 and feel deep regret that I lived the wrong life- a really nice, predictable,...

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Teaching Kids About Stoicism with Ken Davenport

Ken Davenport is an entrepreneur and writer in San Diego, California. Ken is the CEO of Mission Edge, a social enterprise providing consulting and strategy services to nonprofits and small businesses in underserved...
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Teaching Kids Generosity with Nicole Pearson

Nicole Pearson lives in San Diego with her husband, 15 year old son, and rescue dog – Rocket. She works at Thrivent, a Fortune 500 not-for-profit financial services organization. In her role she connects churches, and...
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Crafting Gratitude in Your Family

In this episode, YouSchool President Scott Schimmel shares key thoughts on intentionally practicing giving thanks to cultivate a life of gratitude. We have an exercise you can download and use for your family to craft...
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Editing Your Life Story with Journalist Greg Bledsoe

Greg Bledsoe has been a television journalist in the NBC family for 20 years. He’s currently working on a series of climate and California stories for NBC’s Lx network. Bledsoe is the former weekday morning news...
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Adults Connecting With Kids with Principal Dana Moen

When students feel like an adult on campus cares about them, they do better academically. Research recently has proved it, and we're talking with Principal Dana Moen about how he's seen that work, and how he's...
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Engaging Student Anxiety with Matt Bishop, LMFT

There's no question- students are suffering from anxiety at an alarming and unprecedented level. What do we do, as adults who care for them? How can we respond? And, in what ways are we the ones contributing to their...
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Red Ribbon Week-

Your brain has a mind of its own and has one primary goal: to feel good.    Did you know that your brain will control you subconsciously to do anything at all costs to avoid pain or displeasure?    Your brain wants to...
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Your Life Is Telling a Story

You’ve only got one life, and you don't want to blow it. There's a lot riding on it. That’s a lot of pressure. And you’re always getting asked The Question- What are you going to do with your life?  It comes in a lot...
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Helping a Kid Answer THE QUESTION

I can remember when I was asked The Question: What are you going to do?What are you gonna do with your life? What are you gonna do next? What are you gonna do for college? What's your major? They’re all the same...
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Adam Ward: Preparing Kids for a Successful Career

Adam Ward connects people with opportunities, improving their personal and career prospects, with a keen awareness that there are right roles for the right people at the right time in companies. Adam has over 20 years...
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Tracey Gee — Helping Kids Identify Their Strengths

This week, we’re pulling out one from the archives. We’re thrilled to introduce you to Tracey Gee, a To be honest, this is the conversation where I couldn't stop taking notes! Tracey's a longtime friend and former...
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Exposing Kids to Possibilities with Scott Schimmel

Every teenager goes through the exact same exploration journey as the baby bird in Dr. Seuss's Are You My Mother?. Unsure of their identity, community, or role, they search for a persona, values, beliefs, and...
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