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The YouSchool Podcast

The YouSchool Podcast

Hosted by: Scott Schimmel

Go to our YouTube channel to watch the episodes (just search The YouSchool) My nightmare at 20 years old was that I would wake up at 40 and feel deep regret that I lived the wrong life- a really nice, predictable,...

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Teaching Skills of Self-Discovery

Accurate self-awareness is a foundation for health and wellbeing. It’s the basis for quality relationships, career satisfaction, effective leadership, and almost any worthy endeavor you can imagine. The people who...
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Finding Your Learning Style With Karen Elaine Rogers

Unfortunately, it's rare to find a kid who goes through school and emerges more curious, passionate, and engaged in their learning than they started with. Sometimes it feels like an inevitable result. But does it have...
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How Do You Learn Best? Understanding Your Learning Style

Unless a kid has been assessed for unique learning challenges or disabilities, they will have to survive in a one-size-fits-all model of learning. Good teachers will employ strategies to provide differentiated...
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Taking the Path of Resistance with Copywriter Megan Kachigan

When a kid is growing up, many receive the advice to pick a career that's practical. For others, their parents to find something that makes them happy. Either way, it's not easy.    What does a kid do, though, when...
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Resilience Episode - What Have You Pushed Through?

There’s nothing worse than wanting something and finding out you can’t get it yet. It’s so, so tempting to just give up. Maybe you tried out for a team but got the news that you wouldn’t make the squad this year, but...
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U.S. Navy SEAL (ret.) Diego Ugalde on the Life Lessons From Failure

LEARNING FROM FAILURE: WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM FAILURE? Failing sucks, right? Especially when it’s public and other people know about it. Whether it’s missing the shot to lose the game, failing the test, getting...
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Critical Identity Question: What Have You Learned From Failure?

If we don't let kids fail, they won't learn significant truths about life.  They won't learn about persistence. They won't be able to discern what's most important. They won't be able to learn that their true worth...
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Confronting Your Limits - An Interview with Cale Schimmel

The teenage years are primarily about identity formation—discovering who you are, and who you're not. One key piece of that exploration is learning to be honest about your limitations and weaknesses, and knowing how...
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A Life Within Limits - Owning Your Weaknesses

What we're fanatical about is helping young people get the tools, the skill set to be more reflective at an early age — and it's possible. It's possible, and we're going to dig into how in this episode. If you learn...
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Understanding Trauma in Our Kids with Charlie Ruce, MFT

What is trauma? How does it affect our kids? What's the difference between a difficult experience and a traumatic event? Why do some kids do better through extreme circumstances, and others suffer?  We cover those...
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Making Sense of Life - Healing From the Past

References in the Episode Dan Siegel Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Preventing ACEs What is Trauma? About the Episode Everyone has challenges that impede their growth and development. We all have villains in...
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Discovering Core Beliefs with Tyler Allred

Defining your own core beliefs is central to living an organized, purpose-filled life. It's not easy, though. In this interview with Tyler Allred, a guru in guiding teenagers to discover faith for themselves, we...
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