The YouSchool Podcast

The YouSchool Podcast

Hosted by: Scott Schimmel

Go to our YouTube channel to watch the episodes (just search The YouSchool) My nightmare at 20 years old was that I would wake up at 40 and feel deep regret that I lived the wrong life- a really nice, predictable,...

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Will Your Kid Have the Right Social Skills? Episode 119 with Scott Schimmel

Summary In this episode, Scott Schimmel discusses the importance of social skills for young adults and how parents can help their children develop these skills. He emphasizes the need for modeling and demonstrating...
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Will Your Kids Have the Right Network? Episode 118 with Scott Schimmel

Summary In this conversation, Scott Schimmel discusses the importance of building a professional network for young adults entering the job market. He emphasizes the impact of AI, automation, and virtual working on...
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Will Your Kid Have the Right Priorities? Episode 117

Summary Scott Schimmel explores the importance of guiding children to make informed and thoughtful life decisions, emphasizing the need for a values and prioritization exercise. He highlights the impact of choices on...
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Will Your Kid Have the Right Work Ethic? Episode 116 with Scott Schimmel

Scott Schimmel shares his personal experience of developing a strong work ethic and discusses how parents can cultivate a strong work ethic in their children. He emphasizes the importance of leading by example and...
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Is My Kid Concerned Enough About the Future? Episode 115 with Scott Schimmel

Summary In this conversation, Scott Schimmel discusses how to increase a child's level of concern for their future well-being and success. He acknowledges that some kids may naturally be more laid-back and less...
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Does Your Attitude Towards Work Help Your Kids?

Summary This conversation explores the importance of shaping children's positive attitude towards work. Scott reflects on his own experience and the impact his perspective has had on his child's view of work. He...
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Is Your View of Success Wide Enough? Episode 113 with Scott Schimmel

A large percentage of young adults feel pressure to perform academically and athletically, which can lead to mental health challenges and less life satisfaction. Scott Schimmel shares his insights on how parents can...
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How Can a Kid This Young Know What to Do? Episode 112 with Scott Schimmel

In this conversation, Scott Schimmel discusses the harmful impact of telling young people that they will figure out their path in life, eventually. This mindset is too expensive, as it can lead to wasted time and...
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Don't Give Your Kid Bad Advice — Episode 111 with Scott Schimmel

Summary In this episode, Scott Schimmel discusses the importance of giving good advice to your children when it comes to their career choices. He shares a personal story of almost giving his son bad advice and...
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How Can I Guide My Kid to Explore Multiple Career Opportunities?

Summary This conversation is about helping kids navigate and narrow down their options for the future. Scott Schimmel discusses the importance of expanding opportunities and exploring different pathways before...
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How Do Parents Avoid Passing Down Career Bias? Steering Your Kids to Career Wisdom and Autonomy

Resources + Article to read + Article referenced: + Video to watch: Episode 90 Don't Tell Your Kids to Be Happy...
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Don’t Let Your Kid Take the Easy Path: Episode 108 with Scott Schimmel

In this insightful conversation, Scott Schimmel explores the complex dynamics of parenting, particularly as children transition into adulthood. Drawing from his 20 years of experience working with young adults and his...
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