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We partner with your school so your students are more connected, do better academically, and are better prepared for what's next.


Professional Development that actually works
Curriculum that's simple to implement and impactful
Parent Education both live & virtual

Summer is the time to rest and get restored. Don't leave it to chance- design the summer you need. 

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What does school look like when you prioritize the mental, social-emotional health of everyone?

SEL Curriculum for M.S./H.S. Students

Curriculum (digital or live) to guide students to self-reflection and discussion. 

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Professional Development

Engaging training for adult competencies regarding SEL & personal wellbeing. 

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Parent Resources & Education

Interactive curriculum to resource parents at every age and stage.

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Free Resources

Want a year's worth of social-emotional warmup exercises? Use them as journal prompts, or for small group, or large group discussions- virtually or in person. Yep, for free. No catch.

We'll also send you a free copy of our new e-book, Cultivating Uncommon Emotional Intelligence...

Are your students connected?

Students who feel connected with adults and peers at school do better academically and personally.

Are your students self-aware?

Students who are guided to reflect on their personal lives do better in school and are better prepared for life. 

Are your teachers resourced for SEL?

Effective training builds capacity, alignment, and makes teachers happier.

Are your parents equipped and engaged?

Partnering with parents can unlock potential in every area for your school community.

Is your vision for student success clear?

A clear, compelling vision for student success- what an ideal grad would be like will help every facet. 

Upcoming Live Workshops 

Each month, we offer live training workshops on the most relevant SEL competencies. Our style is learn-by-doing rather than lecture, so everything we present is field-tested and ready to put to use tomorrow. 

Sign up for a workshop here, or join the Educator Membership and get them all included. 

Brett Killen, Principal at Canyon Crest Academy

"What I really appreciate about YouSchool is they got to know us—our strengths, our values, our needs, our goals—and then worked alongside us to customize programming and do what’s right for our young people and community, now and in the future. We realized we couldn’t do this important work alone, and the YouSchool has been a great partner in helping us to actualize our goals."

Featured Student Offering:
Life Foundations SEL Curriculum

Connecting with students is critical to achievement. We know teachers want to connect- it's what drives their passion for the work. Not to mention- students need support now more than ever before.

But...building connection these days is...different. And, prepping relevant, engaging lessons is too time-consuming.

Sometimes teachers feel hesitant to ‘go there’ with students; they aren’t sure what’s most relevant or appropriate.

With the mental health challenges kids are facing today, there's no time to waste. The curriculum has to be engaging as well as tied to learning standards. Whether your school has an advisory or homeroom period or not- this curriculum can help you.

Watch a short video together

30 short, engaging videos on CASEL's five big SEL themes.

Assign reflection questions

Thought-provoking questions, whether delivered fully digital or in person.

Easily facilitate discussion

With little or no prep, you can get your students talking and listening with each other.

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Professional Development Offerings

The last thing you want is to spend money on training that is ineffective. Perhaps worse, you really, really don’t want to burn any trust with your staff. The training has to be relevant. And high quality. And worthwhile. Simple to understand. And simple to put into practice.

We get it. We don’t want to waste your time or money, either, so we promise we won’t. If we didn’t feel confident about the impact our training can have on your climate and culture, we wouldn’t be in this business.

In other words, we promise to be good!

Adult SEL Competencies

Equipping: We’ve developed a step-by-step training program designed to equip and empower every teacher with the tools to practice empathy in the classroom.

Engaging: Using a simple framework, interactive role-plays and guided case studies.

Holistic: teachers will learn how to effectively break the plane with their students, listen actively, affirm their identity development, reflect their emerging talents, and challenge them to an authentic character.

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Staff Wellness Course

Customized for teachers: as leaders in social-emotional wellness, we understand the qualities and attributes adults need to embody

Grounded: research-based content made digestible for thoughtful working professionals

Flexible: we get the constraints schools have to offer training that’s meaningful but can’t take a lot of time

Interactive: whether offered to your staff on an individual basis, or to facilitate group discussion, this is content that is designed to be interactive and personalized

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And more...

We offer leadership coaching and consulting for school leaders, using our Culture Roadmap. And, we can train some of your staff to be certified YouSchool Guides. 
Just ask how.

It's Simple to Work Together

1. Get in Touch

We can set up a time to review our offerings for students, teachers, and parents- and how they can be simply customized to your context. 

2. Start Small 

It can be overwhelming to implement a new initiative. Let's work together step-by-step to do it right- start with a course or one of our trainings. 

3. Learn & Scale

We will work together to define success so you can learn, adjust, & grow. Including the right voices is especially important.

Set Up a Conversation

Let's find time to talk about what we offer and how it might work in your context. 

Maybe you've wondered...

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Students are coming back to campus, carrying chronic stress and isolation. Business as usual will now work. So, here's a field guide to implementing social-emotional learning at any school site. (We'll also send you a copy of our new e-book, Cultivating Uncommon Emotional Intelligence)