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The YouSchool Podcast

The YouSchool Podcast

Hosted by: Scott Schimmel

Go to our YouTube channel to watch the episodes (just search The YouSchool) My nightmare at 20 years old was that I would wake up at 40 and feel deep regret that I lived the wrong life- a really nice, predictable,...

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Episode 42: Red Ribbon Week

Your brain has a mind of its own and has one primary goal: to feel good.    Did you know that your brain will control you subconsciously to do anything at all costs to avoid pain or displeasure?    Your brain wants to...
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Episode 41: Your Life Is Telling a Story

You’ve only got one life, and you don't want to blow it. There's a lot riding on it. That’s a lot of pressure. And you’re always getting asked The Question- What are you going to do with your life?  It comes in a lot...
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Episode 40: Helping a Kid Answer THE QUESTION

I can remember when I was asked The Question: What are you going to do?What are you gonna do with your life? What are you gonna do next? What are you gonna do for college? What's your major? They’re all the same...
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Episode 39: Adam Ward- Preparing Kids for a Successful Career

Adam Ward connects people with opportunities, improving their personal and career prospects, with a keen awareness that there are right roles for the right people at the right time in companies. Adam has over 20 years...
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Episode 38: Tracey Gee — Helping Kids Identify Their Strengths

This week, we’re pulling out one from the archives. We’re thrilled to introduce you to Tracey Gee, a To be honest, this is the conversation where I couldn't stop taking notes! Tracey's a longtime friend and former...
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Episode 37: Exposing Kids to Possibilities with Scott Schimmel

Every teenager goes through the exact same exploration journey as the baby bird in Dr. Seuss's Are You My Mother?. Unsure of their identity, community, or role, they search for a persona, values, beliefs, and...
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Episode 36: Case Study #2—Helping a 10th Grader Plan for the Future

This week, we invited Canyon Scandrett, a sophomore at Rancho Bernardo High School whose parents said needs help to figure out what direction to take his life. Our kids don’t need us to be passive observers or...
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Episode 35: Case Study- Helping a 12th Grader Plan for the Future

Our kids don’t need us to be passive observers or cheerleaders; they need us with them in the process of discovering their lives. Even more than with them, they need to be guided through a series of conversations and...
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Episode 34: How to help a kid plan for their future with Scott Schimmel

When our kids ask us sincere questions about their future, help! Get fully present. Read their expression, dig a little deeper for what’s motivating them to think about it, and ask a bunch of questions. Our kids don’t...
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Episode 33: Helping a Kid Find Their Strengths Part 2 with Scott Schimmel

A key foundational element for building a meaningful life is knowing and owning your strengths and assets. You’ll likely get help to understand them- maybe by taking strength assessments or reviewing your report card...
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Episode 32: Helping Kid Find Their Strengths with Jered Lish

Jered serves as one of the founders at iAlign.Work which is a Clifton Strengths based, goal-setting, and performance review HR tech company. Jered has over a decade of people development experience both in academia...
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Episode 31: Defining a Life Vision

Kids get asked all the time what they want to do when they grow up. High schoolers get asked what their plans are after graduation. College students get asked the same thing, with a big emphasis on work. But we never...
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