The YouSchool Podcast

The YouSchool Podcast

Hosted by: Scott Schimmel

Go to our YouTube channel to watch the episodes (just search The YouSchool) My nightmare at 20 years old was that I would wake up at 40 and feel deep regret that I lived the wrong life- a really nice, predictable,...

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Episode 104: Scott Schimmel on Underemployment and Failure to Launch

Summary   Many parents are concerned about their mid to late-20s children who lack drive and initiative and are struggling to find their way in terms of career and life. Underemployment is a significant issue, with...
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Episode 103: Overwhelmed by Transition

Summary In this conversation, Scott Schimmel discusses the difference between change and transition. He explains that while change refers to specific events or circumstances, transition encompasses the emotional and...
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Episode 102: Overwhelmed by Comparison

Summary The conversation explores the challenges of finding clarity and making decisions about the future. It delves into the power of comparison and how it can both help and hinder personal growth. The comparison...
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Episode 101: When in Doubt, Serve Humanity

Summary The conversation explores young people's challenges in finding meaningful work and transitioning to adulthood. It challenges the idea that significance should only be pursued later in life and emphasizes the...
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Episode 100: Scott Schimmel on Identity Formation—Breaking the Mold

Summary In this conversation, Scott Schimmel discusses the concept of breaking the mold and finding one's true identity. He reflects on the roles and labels that people assign to us and the impact they can have on our...
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Episode 99: Scott Schimmel on Future Mistakes—Proving Yourself

This conversation explores the temptation to prove oneself and make something of oneself and how this pursuit may not lead to true satisfaction or success. It emphasizes the importance of pursuing goals and...
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Episode 98: Scott Schimmel on Future Mistakes—Trusting the Lists

Summary In this conversation, Scott Schimmel discusses the importance of not solely relying on university rankings when choosing a college. He shares his personal experience of attending a university that was not...
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Episode 97: Scott Schimmel on Future Mistake—Listening to ‘Them’

Summary This episode explores the desire for acceptance and support in decision-making, particularly career and life choices. Scott shares a personal story of deviating from expectations and the fear of rejection that...
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Episode 96: Scott Schimmel on Year End Must-Have Conversations

Summary This episode provides guidance on how to be strategic with the downtime spent with kids during the holidays. It emphasizes the importance of having meaningful conversations that can help children grow and gain...
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Episode 95: Scott Schimmel on Future Mistakes: Not Tapping Your Network

Summary This conversation explores the importance of introducing children to positive adult relationships and the impact it can have on their lives. It emphasizes the need for intentional introduction to parents'...
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Episode 94: Future Mistakes - Misunderstanding Your Intelligence

Overview: This episode delves into the personal journey of understanding intelligence beyond traditional metrics. Reflecting on childhood experiences and developmental challenges, the discussion shifts to...
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Episode 93: Future Mistake #9 Who's Gonna Pay For That?

Oftentimes, emerging adults are given generic advice about their future, something like: Do what makes you happy You can be whatever you want If you find your passion, you never work a day in your life Now, I...
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