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There's a great story inside all of us. 
Are you ready to tell yours?


Every emerging adult we meet wants something similar: to discover their purpose, figure out where they belong, establish a solid foundation for their future, and to do something meaningful with their life. The problem is most young people don’t know how to figure out who they are, don't know how to separate their story with the expectations others have for them, find the courage to follow a bold dream, or even know how to be comfortable in their own skin. As a result, most feel inadequate, insecure, discouraged, or that they are letting others down.

YouSchool can help. Through a guided coaching program of self-discovery, students will develop self-awareness, self-confidence and self-direction, all skills necessary to live a life of purpose and meaning. We unlock the potential in emerging adults so they can live the great story they have always wanted. 

We see direct impact in: college and major selection, decision-making skills, purpose clarity, career potential, character development, and identity formation. 

YouSchool helped me figure out who I am and what I’m capable of- I’d recommend it to everyone!
— High School Student