High school students are forced to make major life decisions about who they are, where they're going in life, and how they're going to get there. Many well-meaning people will say, "Don't worry, you'll figure it out." But, how? 

We have a proven method to help students get clarity about who they truly are, who they want to become, and where they really want to go in life. After working with 9,000+ students in diverse campus environments, we know that impacting students socially and emotionally requires an all-out effort from everyone involved: administration, teachers, staff, counselors, coaches, and especially parents. 

Schools that implement social-emotional programming on their campuses create safer schools, and academic achievement increases significantly (+11%). They also see a huge dollar for dollar return on their investment ($11 saved for ever $1 spent). Seriously- we couldn't make this stuff up!

Whether you're seeking to help disengaged, struggling students find their spark, or are concerned for your high-achieving students and the effects of extreme academic pressure, in order want to help them grow socially and emotionally they need: a proven process, trained Life Guides, and healthy adults to help them. That's what the YouSchool is here for.

With tremendous rigor and clear expectations, we help school ecosystems:

  1. Design clarity about social-emotional outcomes
  2. Train and coach teachers to implement our programs and have more life impact on students
  3. Work with parents to increase their capacity to raise healthy, mature emerging adults


  • Interactive assemblies with class specific content
  • Homeroom/Advisory curriculum- interactive modules
  • Full quarter/semester curriculum: in-person & blended-learning options
  • Retreat design & speaking
  • Train-the-trainer model for facilitation
  • Teacher training: professional development keynotes & workshops
  • Ongoing coaching
  • Program impact evaluation
  • Parent Education:
    workshops & keynotes
  • Align parents to social-emotional outcomes
  • Work with parents to grow themselves through small group facilitation format
The YouSchool helped me find out who I really am, not just who my parents want me to be. Now, I’m excited about taking charge of my future.
— High School Senior

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