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Equip educators to intentionally design environments and experiences for kids to thrive into adulthood.


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We have thousands of responses from hundreds of educators. 90% of them have the same answer.

 They want their students to be emotionally intelligent.  

  •  They care more about their character and capacity than their test scores, college acceptances, or GPA.
  • They are passionately concerned about their ability to listen empathetically, make good friends, make healthy choices, and care for their communities than they are about attendance or AP exams.
  • Educators want students to become self-aware of their emotions, preferences, and personalities.
  • They want them to be adaptable in challenging situations, complexity, and conflict.
  • They want them to be socially adept and establish and maintain healthy relationships.
  • They want them to think critically about their values and convictions and make choices to navigate towards a path in life uniquely suited for them.

The question is, are those qualities a natural, consistent result of your interactions? Are your students becoming the people you hope for?

There's no handbook for this thing called raising humans. That's where we come in. We'll give you and your students what you need so they grow up ready to be emotionally intelligent and build meaningful lives. 

On-Demand Digital Training Courses

Step-by-step virtual training, so you give your students what they need to become emotionally intelligent adults. 

Adaptable Lesson Plans  

We send you relevant and adaptable lesson plans on critical topics every student must discuss. Use them straight out of the box, or as you see fit.

Relevant Resources & Content

We'll invite you to monthly live training webinars, plus weekly podcast episodes relevant to your work with students.

Earn a Professional Certificate 

By completing the training course, attending the webinars and participating in a peer review, you can receive a Certificate of Social-Emotional Learning from us.

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Upcoming Live Workshops 

Each month, we offer live training workshops on the most relevant SEL competencies. Our style is learn-by-doing rather than lecture, so everything we present is field-tested and ready to put to use tomorrow. 

Sign up for a workshop here, or join the Educator Membership and get them all included. 

It's too easy to miss the critical conversations.

Kids always get asked what they want to do when they grow up. High schoolers get asked what their plans are after graduation. College students get asked the same thing, with a big emphasis on work. But we never ask the most important question that foundationally will prepare a kid for success:

What kind of person do you want to become?

Having these guided discussions with your students are critical—but not easy. That's why we offer our resources. 

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"I've looked at and used every curriculum under the sun. You really have the best stuff out there—simple to use, and it actually works."

- High School English Teacher 

"All of the programs we've seen are one dimensional and lame. You're bringing the best content and training I can find."

- District Asst. Superintendant 

We have a free e-book for you! 

Cultivating Uncommon Emotional Intelligence: How to intentionally design environments and experiences for kids to thrive into adulthood.