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Fundamental Values Interview With Kathy Pham

It's hard to change course in your life when you've already started down a path. It's a lot more effective if you figure out where you're going ahead of time- so you can avoid detours and wasted time.  There's a collective theory in the world that tells young people they can't figure themselves out- they have to wait until they get older. But, that's not true! We just don't have self-awareness as a goal or an expectation for students when they graduate high school...yet.  You are deciding who you are and the type of person you will become during your middle and high school years, and that determines where you’re headed in your life. So, it’s really important that you get to figure out what’s most important to you- not to your parents, not to your friends, and not to the culture at large.   

In this conversation, Scott Schimmel interviews Kathy Pham about how she's organized her life to reflect her fundamental values- the costs associated with standing for something she believes in and the impact she gets to make through her work.  

About Kathy Pham 

Kathy hails from Little Saigon in Orange County, where she grew up with an older brother, divorced parents, and a HUGE, loving extended family. While attending CSULB, she had a tutoring business and was in leadership on campus and in church. After graduation, she was a retail executive for a few years. Eventually, she responded to God's call to go on missions and full-time ministry which landed her in City Heights. Now, as the Director of Spiritual Development at UrbanLife, she is living her calling: to love students and to help students know and love Jesus! Kathy is down for youth transformation, Enneagram chats, strategic planning and execution, and banana eating races - not in that particular order.


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