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Critical Identity Question - What Do You Believe In?

What you believe shapes who you become. Your beliefs shape how you see the world and how you interact with it. They form the foundation of your identity, how you understand your purpose and interact with the world, and the quality of relationships you build.

It starts with knowing which questions to ask. It can feel counterintuitive, though. Most parents and teachers will default to a lecture format. They feel anxious about kids getting beliefs ‘wrong’, so they lecture, cajole, and sometimes threaten. However, in my experience, teenagers need a safe environment to explore beliefs on their own. In fact, they need an opportunity to test out ‘wrong beliefs’ for themselves, without fear of the adults in their life getting mad at them.

In this episode, Scott digs into the importance of defining your core beliefs, how to get there, and what questions parents and teachers can ask. 


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