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Discovering Core Beliefs with Tyler Allred

Defining your own core beliefs is central to living an organized, purpose-filled life. It's not easy, though. In this interview with Tyler Allred, a guru in guiding teenagers to discover faith for themselves, we explore the three crucial ingredients to leading kids to define their own core beliefs.

Disclaimer: we both associate ourselves with a Christian worldview. However, the discussion is valuable for families from all faith (or no faith) backgrounds.

About Tyler Allred

Tyler understands the struggle to feel like our faith connects with our everyday life. He served for 14 years on college campuses helping students navigate the complicated world of the university to find that the Bible was relevant and applicable to real life. Then, he spent 5 years as a pastor to families and adults in local churches doing the same thing—turns out that people of all ages struggle with the same desire to connect with God in their daily grind. Helping translate and unlock the Bible for people of all ages in ways that are clear and relevant continues to be one of his greatest passions. Tyler is a devoted father of three girls and a self-described Bible and curriculum nerd.


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