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Understanding Trauma in Our Kids with Charlie Ruce, MFT

What is trauma? How does it affect our kids? What's the difference between a difficult experience and a traumatic event? Why do some kids do better through extreme circumstances, and others suffer? 

We cover those questions and more in this incredibly relevant and practical interview with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Nervous System Coach/Consultant, Charlie Ruce. Every parent must listen and apply Charlie's practical wisdom.

About Charlie Ruce

Charlie Ruce, LMFT is a licensed therapist with extensive training in trauma and understanding how the autonomic nervous system reorganizes itself at higher and higher levels. Charlie’s primary training in this area comes from the model Organic Intelligence, founded by Steve Hoskinson. Charlie has been training with Steve since 2014. Using this understanding, Charlie has helped executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs heal their traumatic wounds and build their capacity to find more fulfillment and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives. Before starting his own coaching and counseling practice, Charlie spent 7 years working at the Soul Care House, a group therapy practice in San Diego. He also spent 2 years helping manage, train, and supervise the Soul Care House staff team as the Clinical Director. Charlie lives in San Diego with his wife Heather and their Great Dane Matilda.

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