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A Life Within Limits - Owning Your Weaknesses

What we're fanatical about is helping young people get the tools, the skill set to be more reflective at an early age — and it's possible. It's possible, and we're going to dig into how in this episode.

If you learn to understand and embrace your own limits, you will:

  • Have more clarity about life and yourself, you'll be more honest.
  • You'll live a more authentic life, you will embody the character trait of humility.
  • And if you embrace your weaknesses and your limits, you will go down the path of surrender, which is a wise, good path.
  • You're not trying to be someone that you're not, you're not trying to do things that don't make sense for you, you're not forcing something.
  • And you can actually come up with what would be an appropriate growth plan.
  • You will have a more accurate compass to who you are and how to make good choices for yourself, and you'll better collaborate with others.

The clearer I am about my weaknesses and limits, the more apt and prone I am to lean on other people and their strengths. And that makes the world go round.



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