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Taking the Path of Resistance with Copywriter Megan Kachigan

When a kid is growing up, many receive the advice to pick a career that's practical. For others, their parents to find something that makes them happy. Either way, it's not easy.   

What does a kid do, though, when the options they see don't fit who they are or want to be? What kind of courage, foresight, and fortitude will they need to blaze their unique trail?  

This week, we invited Megan Kachigan to the show to be a breathing example of what resilience looks like. Megan has defied conventional wisdom, discovered what makes her tick and come alive, and established a career and family for herself that is as unique as it is impactful. And, it's not just for her, it's a life that anyone can learn from.  

About Megan

Megan Kachigan is an intentional copywriter and sales funnel strategist who gets more clicks and conversions for values-based coaches and course creators.   

As a Stanford University teaching award winner with a Masters in Education, Megan understands how to capture attention—and turn it into sales. Powerful results include:  

…writing the ads for a $250k launch.  

...crushing industry standards with a 56% open rate and 9% CTR on an email sequence.  

...helped drive over $1 million for clients with copywriting and strategy.   

Megan has gotten results for Two Comma Club Award Winners and Funnel Hacking Live speakers. She’s been featured on the Ambitious Mom podcast, the Star Coach Show, and She’s Building A Dream. Megan speaks about copy strategies that 7-figure earners use to make more sales and how to confidently increase your conversion rates quickly.  

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