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Finding Your Way Back Home With Corrie Myers

Students today are under more stress and pressure than a generation ago, from an academic, performance, and college admissions standpoint. On top of that, they feel the weight of the world—conflict, uncertainty, discord, and danger.

That's why it's more important than ever to deliberately teach them to be self-aware and the tools to manage themselves effectively.

Parents of teens are limited in what they can do and teach. Frankly, kids would rather figure things out for themselves than listen to their parents. Teachers who step in to fill that gap are invaluable. We can no longer assume kids will 'figure it all out' as they mature, they need our help now.

This week we invited veteran classroom teacher turned entrepreneur/copywriter Corrie Myers to our show.

About Corrie
Corrie is a teacher-of-the-year turned copywriter who specializes in helping mission-driven companies clarify their message and attract the right people with website copy, lead magnets, and email campaigns.

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