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Helping a Kid Answer THE QUESTION

I can remember when I was asked The Question:

What are you going to do?
What are you gonna do with your life?
What are you gonna do next?
What are you gonna do for college?
What's your major?
They’re all the same Question, and they result in stress, anxiety, pressure, for me then and still for kids now.

So how do you help a kid answer that question? Number one- don’t ask them that Question.

Instead, what we're going to show you are the seven other questions that you should ask. And if you put pen to paper and start talking out loud, about your answers to these seven questions, when you get back around to that big Question, you will be able to confidently and clearly give an answer that resonates deep within you.


Do you know?

For years we’ve been studying what a young person needs in order to transition into a healthy, thriving adulthood.  

They're uncommon sense ideas, really.

Download this checklist and use it with your students (or kids).

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