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Engaging Student Anxiety with Matt Bishop, LMFT

There's no question- students are suffering from anxiety at an alarming and unprecedented level. What do we do, as adults who care for them? How can we respond? And, in what ways are we the ones contributing to their anxiety? This episode is an important one. We believe every student deserves the opportunity to construct a meaningful life for themselves, but we know that they will be severely undercut if they can't thrive throughout their teenage years and get lost in the fog of anxiety. We invited Matt Bishop, LMFT, on the podcast this week to share his thoughts and expert point of view. -------- About Matt: Matt Bishop is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who works at Soul Care House in Mission Hills. A private practice and community of therapists in Mission Hills providing individual, couples and family therapy to the general population. Matt was born and raised in La Jolla and went on to graduate from San Diego State University with a bachelor's in psychology in 2011. In 2013 he graduated with his Masters in Counseling Psychology and is currently working on his dissertation as a doctoral candidate at Grand Canyon University researching the intersection between female clergy and mental health professionals. Matt began working with young people and parents in 2012 at North County Lifeline in Vista where he provided individual and group therapy to at-risk youth as well as and facilitated parenting workshops for the community. From there he went on to serve at the San Diego Rescue Mission as a director in their Recuperative Care Unit providing mental health counseling and case management to a challenging population. Since 2016, he returned to work with young people and their parents through Soul Care House. He emphasizes a holistic approach of psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing to individuals seeking support in their overall wellbeing. Matt has spoken to various audiences in churches, nonprofits, community organizations, workplace staffs, and universities. In addition to being a therapist, Matt is a well-respected speaker and trainer and, in fact, serves on The YouSchool's broader team for Parent Education and Professional Development & Training. Speaking Topics: Technology and our Youth: Navigating the Complexity of the Smartphone Era • The trickle-down effect: Why a healthy relationship among parents leads to healthier kids • Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Young People • Talking to your Teen about Sex and Sexuality • Normal Teenage development: When is a mistake by your kid just a mistake and when is it a red flag pointing to a deeper issue? Contact Matt: | [email protected]


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