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Episode 51: The Challenges Kids Are Facing with Scott Schimmel

Kids can do everything they’re supposed to—excel and over-achieve, but still miss out on the essential and practical building blocks they need to build a life that matters: a life of significance, meaning, and happiness. Kids don’t yet know who they are, how the world works, what matters most in life, or how to design a roadmap to success (and school isn't designed to help them this way). Kids have limited awareness and exposure to their future opportunities. Kids are under tremendous pressure and stress from multiple angles—not the best environment for clear, conscious decision-making. Hyper-competitive college admissions and exorbitant costs for a degree make the stakes feel even higher. They might figure it all out eventually…but why leave it to chance if they could get more clarity—earlier? What do you think? What am I missing? What are you most concerned about? What’s working?


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