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Episode 55: Guiding Kids Through Identity Formation with Scott Schimmel

The teenage years are all about identity formation- figuring out who you are and how you fit in this world. The problem is, teenagers often try to go about doing that in really unhelpful and predictive ways.  We all start by trying to fit in, which can be healthy… unless you get stuck there.  We’re here to help kids move through identify formation well.  Helping them find both their real identity, with a humble acceptance of their weaknesses AND strengths and also their true identity- an acceptance of their potential and what it could lead them to do with their lives.  This might be a process you as an adult, teacher, parent, or coach are still working through.  Imagine the time you could save your kids, students and athletes if you could help them start moving through this in high school.  It’s a deep topic, but this is the core of The YouSchool.


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