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Episode 67: Scott Schimmel on When Bad Things Happen to Good Parents

Bad things happen to good parents- maybe there's a conflict, a kid who forgets their homework, your kid is getting picked on by friends, or doesn't make the team that they were dreaming of. We call these things The Parent Challenge. When they happen, often the first thing that happens is that we as parents get disoriented- you can't think clearly, and you're having a big emotional reaction, and it can happen in an instant. What do you do with that?  

In this episode, Scott talks about the three main parts of that big reaction, and one simple strategy that you can use to help get your brain back online so you can be present for your kid.


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For years we’ve been studying what a young person needs in order to transition into a healthy, thriving adulthood.  

They're uncommon sense ideas, really.

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