Episode 75 Scott Schimmel on the Critical Skill of Understanding Yourself

One critical skill we all need is to understand ourselves, and understand particularly our own capacity.  This is something that we can grow in ourselves, and teach to our kids.  This concept can also be described as our “window of tolerance”, and we all know what it looks like when we’re outside of that window.  On one side, we tend to over react, and on the other we freeze.  But there are skills we can use and model for our kids to help them recognize when we approach the edge of that window or recover from going outside of it.


Becoming self aware about your window of tolerance is one criical life skill that everybody can grow in, and we’re tlooking at some of the basics of that in this episode.


Key resources mentioned: 

Stephen W. Porges, PhD - Polyvagal Theory

Try Softer by by Aundi Kolber


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