Episode 81: Social Skills - Embracing Awkwardness with Scott Schimmel

Why Thoughtful Conversations Matter for Your Teen's Future Navigating the Professional World: While it might seem like eons away, your teenager's future career hinges on their ability to converse thoughtfully. Whether they're interviewing for their dream job or networking at a conference, knowing how to engage in meaningful discussions will set them apart. As adults, they'll be expected to articulate their ideas, ask insightful questions, and form connections – skills that can only be honed through practice. Building Meaningful Relationships: Fast forward to adulthood, and your teen will be mingling at gatherings, meeting potential partners, and forming friendships beyond the classroom. The art of thoughtful conversation is the secret ingredient for creating deep and genuine connections. Engaging in discussions fosters understanding, empathy, and a sense of belonging – all of which are essential for maintaining healthy relationships. So, how do we prepare our teens for a future filled with purposeful dialogue? The Importance of Adult Exposure and Uncomfortable Conversations


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