Episode 82: Act Your Age! Redefining Milestones

What does it mean to act your age?  There are certain milestones that we expect- like being able to do your own laundry, or schools have in place- like starting middle school or getting your high school diploma.  There are milestones of becoming an adult- like learning to drive or buying your first house.  

Certainly we all expect these, and help our kids learn and move toward them.

But what about milestones to leading a meaningful life?  

What kind of things can we expect or look for to help our kids, or ourselves, know that we are leading a meaningful or at least working toward one?

This is the very purpose of YouSchool.  We are looking to help you and your kids build a meaningful life, so listen here to see how that all starts.

And, yes, there’s a book if you’re interested.  You can find it on Amazon- Critical Foundations: 30 Questions Everyone Must Answer to Build a Meaningful Life


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