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Episode 84: Helping Kids Find Their Way with Principal Josh Way

Every now and then we bump into a leader in education who “gets it”. Well, at least from our point of view. Principal Josh Way is that guy. He understands how crucial it is for teachers and educators to build authentic relationships first—before getting to instruction. He also sees the importance for consistent, guided reflection. Adults need it, and students do, too. We hope you enjoy our latest episode, a quick conversation with a super busy guy. 

With 20 years of experience working in public schools, Dr. Josh Way has served as a teacher, administrator, researcher, and speaker. Currently, as a high school principal at Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad, California, he works to integrate research-based practices with a holistic approach to learning. Dr. Way also works with the National Council on Education and the Economy leading professional learning for site and district leaders on creating efficient and equitable learning systems. In addition to his work in schools, Dr. Way has over 25 years as a yoga/meditation practitioner and instructor. Josh believes in bringing a personal and integrative approach to leadership and professional learning. As a husband and father, he believes we all have the right to fulfill our highest potential at work and home. “You can’t change one without the other”



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