Episode 91: The Science of Hope with Dr. Evie Trevino

In this episode of the YouSchool podcast, host Scott Schimmel chats with Dr. Evie Trevino, a quantitative psychologist, about the transformative power of hope. Key insights for parents and educators include:
  1. Definition of Hope: Hope is more than wishful thinking; it's the belief in a better future combined with the power to make it happen.
  2. Components of Hope: Dr. Trevino outlines three critical elements of hope - goal setting, finding pathways (strategies to achieve goals), and willpower.
  3. Hope vs. Optimism: Unlike optimism, hope involves active pursuit and planning for a better future, making it a more powerful predictor of well-being.
  4. Teachability of Hope: Hope is not just a feeling but a skill that can be taught and developed, especially important for youth facing challenges.
  5. Impact of Hope: High-hope individuals set achievement-oriented goals and are better at coping with stress and adversity, leading to greater life satisfaction and success.
  6. Resources and Further Learning: Dr. Trevino recommends her website for more resources on understanding and cultivating hope.
This episode provides valuable insights into how hope can be a transformative force in both personal and educational settings.    About Dr. Evie Trevino:    As a quantitative psychologist, my commitment has always been to the tangible—data, evidence, and the scientific method are the cornerstones of my practice. But amidst figures and studies, I found Hope—a factor that intrigued yet challenged my professional skepticism. It was the undeniable evidence, the research spanning decades, that converted my doubt into belief. Hope, I learned, isn’t just an emotion; it’s a strategic mindset, one that can be taught and harnessed to drive wellbeing and success. With extensive experience consulting for various organizations, from non-profits to corporate groups, I’ve seen first-hand the transformative impact of Hope. Allow me to introduce you and your organization to the measurable benefits of this powerful mindset and the difference it can make in living not just well, but optimally.    Learn more about Evie and her work at

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