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Episode 95: Scott Schimmel on Future Mistakes: Not Tapping Your Network


This conversation explores the importance of introducing children to positive adult relationships and the impact it can have on their lives. It emphasizes the need for intentional introduction to parents' friends and colleagues, as well as the value of learning from their experiences. The conversation also discusses the desire for deeper connections with parents' business network and provides guidance on how to teach kids to tap into their own network. The key takeaway is to encourage curiosity and create opportunities for children to learn from the wisdom and experiences of adults in their lives.


  • Children benefit from having positive relationships with multiple adults in their lives.
  • Introducing children to parents' friends and colleagues can provide valuable career wisdom and life experiences.
  • Curiosity is the foundation for learning and exploring different career paths.
  • Parents should actively help their children tap into their network and learn from the wisdom of others.

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